The next Windows and touch screen laptops

When it comes to the interface between a computer and the human operator, things have stayed the same for quite a long time. Although nothing is wrong with the way people control computers nowadays, it seems that the ones that lead this industry are preparing a major change.

In 2008, Microsoft announced their future operating system, the Windows 7. A brief look at it only gave us the feeling that it is nothing more than a slightly evolved Vista. However, the strong point of the next Windows consists in a new interaction method with the computer. Yes, the Windows 7 is going to have touch screen support, a feature that is expected to completely change the way we interact with computers in the future.
However, at this point, the market is not prepared to welcome the new operating system because touch screen displays have not yet been implemented on a large scale. Having in mind the perspective of a touch screen capable operating system, laptop producers have announced new series that are going to support this technology.

Several models have already been launched, but an explosion of touch screen models can be expected around the release date of the future Windows 7. It seems that this is one of the rare situations when software developers are pressing the launch of new hardware.