Laptops on Sale

Buying retail is not always the best route as you shop. Thankfully, a little bit of research online can net you all sorts of deals on touch screen laptops, and as long as you're careful to note the feature set of each particular PC, you won't end up with something that'll make you wish you paid full price.


Online retailers post laptops at a discount price for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they simply have far too many of a particular model in stock and just want to dump the whole lot. It might be because this laptop was pretty unpopular, so if you see tons of a single computer everywhere for sale at a ridiculously low price, check some online tech review sites to make sure you won't be buying a dud. Other laptops have just been on the shelf too long, and the business wants to sell them off quickly before a newer, sleeker model comes in. Again, do your research before you buy, because you might just be getting a computer for fifty bucks below retail only to find a much better model released later at a slightly higher price.


The other big reason for sale prices is in promotions, where a retailer offers up a robust computer with a great list of features in order to draw customers onto its website and buy less discounted merchandise. It's these deals that you want to look for, since here the retailer is selling at a much thinner profit margin. So check up on those sales - just because the laptop sports a lower price tag doesn't mean it's worth picking up. Check the links here for a few good deals to start you off.



For a little extra, you can check out Amazon's touch-screen version of the Toshiba Satellite, which combines flexibility and power in a pretty straightforward package. The 14" 1366 x 768 resolution widescreen display is great for juggling multiple work windows or just enjoying a fantastic high-def film. Plenty of USB ports, a solid wireless system, and a built-in webcam will keep you connected to both clients and friends.

Some deals just go fast, and this might be one of them. Acer's Aspire laptop line certainly has one of the greatest values today, and the above deal features a substantial discount on a model that'll satisfy your inner media mogul and gamer. Packed with Windows 7, it also has some of the latest productivity software. The low price and full feature set make this an easily justifiable purchase.

Panasonic's Toughbook series is as robust as ever, and this 12.1" workhorse is selling at a clearance price of $2,499. Featuring Panasonic's industry-standard 36 parts and labor warranty, this model won't leave you worrying about the durability of its Intel Core Duo Processor. The 2.1" XGA Touchscreen looks great under your finger or a stylus. Check this out if you want a fully-featured tablet PC for home or office.